Welcome to WRO 2021!

At World Robot Olympiad it is our mission to give as many young people all the opportunity to develop their creativity and problem solving skills in a fun and engaging way.

We do this by organizing robotics competitions. Each season we have a new theme and we have challenges that are tailored to the age of the participants. Starting as low as 6 or 7 years old up to University level.

We are happy to announce, 

The following two teams will represent Oman in WRO 2021

Congratulations to the hardworking teachers and students of these teams

Theme of WRO 2021:

” PowerBots – The Future of Energy “

Since the industrial revolution we are using more and more energy that is not provided by ourselves or by animals that do the work for us. In the last 150 years we have been using a lot of fossil fuels. But many people now realize that we cannot do that forever. We need to use more clean and renewable energy. Renewable energy is energy that comes from sources that renew themselves, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat.

Using more renewable energy means that we need to solve new challenges. And that is where we ask your team to help.

Games & Rules


After the National Competition, the qualified teams will be allowed to participate in International Final Competition.

Regular Category

Elementary , Junior , Senior

The Regular Category is a challenge based competition. Students must design, construct and program their robots to solve specific challenges on a field. Points are scored for completed tasks.

Regular Category General Rules ( En / Ar (coming soon) )

Elementary Category Game Rules ( En / Ar (coming soon))

junior Category Game Rules ( En / Ar (coming soon))

senior Category Game Rules ( En / Ar (coming soon))

Open Category

PowerBots – The Future of Energy

The Open Category is a project based competition. Students create their own intelligent robotics solution relating to the current theme of the season.

Open Category General Rules ( En / Ar (coming soon) )

Open Category Game Rules ( En / Ar (coming soon))


For the 2021 Season the WeDo age group and Football Category are only offered as a National Competition, and there will be No International Final in 2021.

Football Category

With WRO Football we introduced a fun and exciting game with teams of two autonomous robots playing football (soccer). Every year little changes are introduced for the game to motivate the students to keep on developing their robots.

Football Category General & Game Rules ( En / Ar (coming soon))

WeDo Competitions


The WeDo Regular Challenge is designed for younger children (6-10y). The goal is for each team to build and program a WeDo robot that can complete a series of tasks on a Game Table

WeDo Regular Game & General Rules ( En / Ar (coming soon))

WeDo Open Game & General Rules ( En / Ar (coming soon))


Future Engineers

self-driving vehicle challenge

With WRO Future Engineers we created an exciting challenge for high school students following the mega trend of autonomous driving. At WRO, all robots already drive autonomously on a Regular Category field.

Future Engineers General & Game Rules ( En / Ar (coming soon) )